*NEW* Ultimate Mystery Boxes?

VXM presents the newest and coolest tailor made profitable mystery boxes for our sneakerheads and resellers. Box includes a wide variety of sneakers, clothing & accessories with a potential resell value. You could keep the items you love for the personal wardrobe OR you can sell the items and come up on some extra cash. The choice is yours.


Choose from 3 different tiers of Mystery Boxes.

Tier 1: Rookie Reseller Box

(Contains an assortment of products for a good deal with an small resell profit margin)

Tier 2: Hypebeast Box

(Contains an assortment of products for a great deal with a good resell profit margin)

Tier 3: Big Baller Box

(Contains an assortment of products for an amazing deal with a generous resell profit margin)

Mystery Boxes